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Around In One Day.

Revolutionizing the Cabinet Remodel Process

About Face™ Full Face Frame Overlay assemblies are engineered for durability and style. Concealed hinges, full-wood construction, and beautiful, scratch- resistant thermal foil surfaces are combined to provide a top-quality cabinet system that will last a lifetime. Never before has updating your cabinets been so easy, affordable, and versatile—perfect for homeowners, property managers, interior designers, and members of the construction trade.

  • Affordable
  • 1-Day Installation
  • Durable
  • Limitless Styles and Colors
  • Top-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship
  • Requires No Prep, Demolition or Cleanup
  • No Need to Replace Sink, Countertop or Floors
  • Bespoke (Non-Standard) Sizes Are No Problem
  • Eliminates Risk of Unforeseen Problems and Hidden Costs

How does the patented About Face™ Full Face Frame Overlay system work?

Patented About Face Cabinets Full Face Frame

With About Face™ you simply remove your existing cabinet doors and hardware, leaving your existing boxes and face frames in place. Then, based on the measurements you provide, we will build and pre- finish your new cabinet doors and matching face frames. Your new face frames are easily installed right on top of your old, unsightly face frames—making the whole assembly more stable and durable than a new cabinet. In most circumstances, your new doors and face frames arrive pre-assembled making installation a snap!

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Popular Colors, Patterns, and Door Styles:

The patented About Face™ manufacturing process features hundreds of beautiful thermal foil textures, colors and patterns. Opportunities to create a lasting, appealing and beautiful concept are nearly limitless.

About Face Cabinets Patterns, Colors, and Styles
Limitless About Face Cabinets Styles and Colors
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Frequently Asked Questions

How messy is the installation process?

Installation of a full face frame overlay is fast, clean and simple. There is no sanding, patching, or chemicals involved.

I’m not a skilled craftsman, can I install About Face™ myself?

Most of our customers find the installation process very easy, taking 4-8 hours for the average kitchen or bathroom. If you’d prefer not to do the installation yourself we recommend you select a trusted handyman or general contractor in your area.

My older home has the original cabinets and I can’t find replacement units of the same size at home improvement stores. Will About Face™ work in my situation?

Your situation is very common, and what generally happens is that the homeowner installs an “of-the-shelf” unit that does not fit the space properly, leaving unsightly gaps in between cabinet boxes and appliances. With About Face, that problem is solved entirely because your original cabinets remain in place and the new face frames and doors are custom sized just for your unique needs.

If I use About Face™, will I need to reconfigure any of my existing plumbing or electrical fixtures?

One of the biggest benefits to using About Face is that you can keep your existing countertops, sinks and wiring configurations. There won’t be any hidden surprises or costs, or damage to your floors. Our process is so easy you won’t even need to empty your cabinets!

How does About Face™ compare in cost to painting or full replacement? What about hidden costs?

At first glance one could say that the cost of About Face™ is typically more than repainting and lower than a full replacement. However, upon closer examination About Face™ clearly offers the best solution at a very affordable price because there are no hidden costs.

Painting and replacement cabinets come with the risk of unforeseen conditions. Painting face frames is dirty and difficult, and will always be a maintenance concern. Removing and replacing cabinets almost always includes change orders for plumbing problems, electrical issues and sub-floor replacement. Costs often increase by a third of the original estimate. Most importantly, the environmental hazards of lead-based paint or asbestos are not issues with About Face™ like they are with painting or full replacement.
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About Face™ for Developers

About Face™  offers developers and owners of multi-family housing an unparalleled degree of value.  By using our product, their renovation projects come in on time, under budget, all while maintaining our commitment to quality.  About Face™  eliminates many of the problems associated with consistency while finishing rehabilitated unit kitchens. There’s no need to replace sinks, countertops, or floors.  There’s no mess, no demolition, and no clean up required.  Our customers love the fact that a kitchen can receive an entire makeover in a day with minimal disturbance of the owner.  Owners and tenants love our contemporary colors, patterns and styles, with means that your investment will yield returns for years to come.  See what a few of our customers have to say in the video to the right and contact us to find out how you can leverage the About Face™  advantage.